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Water Treatment tank
The Best and Most Trusted Water Treatment Provider in Nova Scotia

Water treatment in Nova Scotia is extremely common and needed by most people on well water. Over 40% of Nova Scotia homes rely on private wells to supply their family with water. Water treatment is recommended to ensure that water supply is clean and healthy by the time it reaches the tap. The list at the bottom of this page will outline the array of treatment systems we offer. No matter the size of the problem, we will build a system that is right for your home.

Even if you do not need a well to get your water, we have solutions to improve your water quality. Many municipal water sources use chemicals to preserve the water in large holding areas. These chemicals can remain in the water as it reaches your home, creating issues with cloudy water, chlorine smell, and hard water affecting fixtures in your home. We offer compact point-of-use systems that are small enough to fit under the sink in your house or apartment. These systems can very quickly and easily improve your water quality.

For more information on types of water issues can be found in Nova Scotia visit our Diagnose Your Water page. This page identifies common warning signs of contamination in your water. It also outlines solutions for how The Water Shed can solve the problem.

Contact us today for a free in-home water test and quote for a solution to improve your water quality.

FAQs on Water Treatment in Nova Scotia

We use all types of systems for water treatment in Nova Scotia. Our standard residential and commercial systems are listed and described below. If your business needs a more specialized or a larger system than our normal offerings, please contact us and we will customize a solution for your needs.


Water Softeners

Hard water is a high concentration of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. Over time, this can cause a build up of these minerals, causing damage to your appliances, water fixtures, and plumbing. Water Softeners can reduce these minerals in the water, reducing unwanted staining of fixtures, dry skin and hair, and spotted dishes.


Arsenic Elimination System

When many problems are present in your water, an arsenic elimination system may be the most economical choice. This system is specially designed and tested by The Water Shed to eliminate harmful levels of arsenic while also removing other minerals such as iron and gaseous sulphur.


pH Neutralizer

Water with a low pH (less than 6.5) could be a warning sign that it may contain elevated levels of toxic metals which can have a sour or metallic taste and cause damage to plumbing, create a blue/green staining on fixtures, and/or stain laundry. An effective way to correct this is to instal a pH neutralizer. pH tests are available for sale through our product page. 


Tannin Removal System

Tannins are dissolved or decaying organic materials often found in wells. While they generally do not have any health risks, they can leave an off-putting discolouration in the water. The Water Shed manufacture our own Colour Softeners on site which are designed for the removal or tannins. 



When mud, sediment, and turbidity issues are beyond what can be handled by a regular filtration system, The Water Shed will deploy an ultrafiltration system to solve the water problem.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is an extremely popular method of purifying water and removing contaminants such as uranium, arsenic, and bacteria. The system uses ultra-fine, high pressure filtration to give you safe, potable, and delicious drinking water.


UV Sterilization System

Unwanted contaminants can often be invisible to the naked eye. Ultraviolet sterilization systems can remove these contaminants without altering the colour or taste of your water. These systems are compact, making them perfect for people living in apartments or small homes. Maintenance is very easy and replacement bulbs are available for sale through The Water Shed.


Carbon Filtration

Very common among people on a municipal water system, carbon filters can improve the taste, and smell of your water. These filtrations systems can be very compact and fit under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom and replacement filters are very economical.


Salt-free Water Softener

A salt free option for water softening may be a great alternative for people who have a high degree of hardness in their water, but do not want the added sodium in their system in events where there may already be an abundance of salt in the water such as cottages or coastal homes. In other instances, this system may be used if others have been inadequate at solving the water issues.

To ensure that your system is continuously working properly and constantly providing your family with clean driving water, we recommend performing preventative maintenance on your system annually. We offer an annual maintenance program where once per year we arrive to do a top-to-bottom inspection on your system and make any necessary repairs or improvements to ensure the performance and longevity of your whole system