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FAQs on Hydrofracking in Nova Scotia

When you are experiencing water quantity issues, we will first try to consider other options to solve your issue without a hydrofrack. This could be caused from a worn-out well pump, in which case we can do a replacement. In the event that a well pump is not the issue, a hyrdofrack is an excellent option to reach more of your water supply and ensure that your well is operating at its best.

Well hydrofracking is safe for the environment and for your home. There was a controversy in Nova Scotia many years ago about fracking for oil. This type of fracking was very large scale and powerful and would contaminate nearby water sources.

Well hydrofracking is a much smaller scale. It only uses enough pressure to open new seams in the earth around your well to collect more water. That makes this process safe and effective to perform on your property.

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Our well drilling team is experienced in all things well related. When your well is not producing the quantity of water that is required for your home, we can help. A relatively inexpensive solution is to have The Water Shed perform a hydrofrack on your well. Hydrofracking or Hydro Fracturing is a process where a highly pressurized water is injected into the well. It then unblocks or creates new seams which will generate more water into your well. This can rejuvenate your well giving you a much better supply of water on an ongoing basis.

With our many years of experience, we can proudly offer a two year guarantee on any hydrofracking results. In most cases, our certificate will guarantee well performance for CMHC guidelines and mortgage lending facilities. That makes it an excellent option for anybody considering putting their home on the market.