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Test tube and water testing report

Water Testing in Nova Scotia

We want to make sure that anybody using your water source is accessing safe, clean drinking water. Water tests every 6-24 months are an excellent way to give yourself the peace of mind that your water is safe. It is also a great way to ensure that all of your water treatment equipment is operating at its full potential. On the contrary, if you do not have a water treatment system, regular testing is even more essential. Since treatment systems can solve a range of issues, without one, your water supply can be more vulnerable to changes.

The Water Shed is the best choice for water testing in Nova Scotia

Water issues can be as obvious as having an off-putting smell or taste or a discolouration in the water. On the contrary, many common issues cannot be seen or smelled. Although more difficult to identify, they can cause just as much harm as those that are easily identified. Many issues can be identified in our common water issues page and can be fixed easily with the correct water treatment system. Other issues, such as bacteria and pollutants, can only be identified through regular water testing.

FAQs on Water Testing in Nova Scotia

Water supply can change over time. Often, rainfall carries pollutants into your water supply, and bacteria multiplies quickly. These changes are just one of the reasons why regular testing is so important. This will help keep your water clean and minimize the chance of illness to yourself or damage to your home.

Yes, water testing in Nova Scotia is recommended every 6-24 months. This frequency ensures that your water supply has not changed in quality. Regular testing will allow us at The Water Shed to make recommendations to you on how to maintain your systems. Proper maintenance ensures that they remain in good working order for years to come.

We can also provide a free in-home water test when we perform your annual maintenance. This test is less comprehensive than a lab test but identifies things such as hardness, iron, and manganese.

Absolutely, we offer a real estate package and can work directly with you or your realtor. The results of your test and whether any water treatment systems are recommended in your home will be clearly communicated. Our Real Estate Package meets testing requirements for most mortgage contracts.

Also ask us about our total real estate packages, which include well and septic inspections. We are able to help meet all of your closing and/or mortgage needs.