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Having Well Pump Issues?

If you are having issues with your water quantity or pressure, it may be a well pump issue. The lifespan of a pump can vary depending on many things such as well depth, usage, and pressure tank health. Our experts at The Water Shed are well experienced in pump installation and maintenance.

If you think you may be having pump related issues, please contact us and we will help! Here are some things to consider so we can show up prepared to help as soon as possible.

Knowing this will help us identify what may be causing the problem. It will also help us identify if the problem is being caused by another factor.If you do not know if you have either a drilled or dug well, here is an easy way to tell.

Drilled well and Dug well caps

As you can see, there are obvious difference in the two wells. On the left is the drilled well. This can be identified by a pipe which extends usually 12-18 inches above the ground. On the right is the dug well which is lower to the ground and is about 3-4 feet in diameter.


If the pump itself is inside your home next to your pressure tank, you have a jet pump. Check for which type by seeing how many well lines are flowing water from the pump to the well.

The easiest way to identify this is by looking around the area surrounding your pump motor. A three wire pump will have a control box nearby. Below is an example of the two most popular control boxes:

Pump Control Box

This is not to be confused for a power box, which is entirely different and can be seen below. These power boxes are used for shutting off the power to your pump system.

Power Box

If you do not see a control box nearby, you can check the lines which come out of the well head. Each will have a black wire, plus an additional two or three wires. The two wire pump will typically have red and green wires. The three wire pump will have red, green, and yellow.

To properly assess your situation and ensure that we are fixing the correct issue, we will ask you to explain the issues you have been facing. Knowing this information will help us have a better idea of your situation before arriving at your home. It will also allow us to bring the correct equipment to diagnose and fix the problem right away.

Intermittent problem – Is your water pressure satisfactory some of the time? This would be defined as a pressure issue that is on and off. Certain times you are experiencing little to no water where other times it is regular.

Running out of water – Do you find that during busy times of the day you have little to no water? You may find that when you are running the dishwasher, washing machine, or shower at the same time you experience problems.

What is the state of your water at these times? Do you have no water at all? Or is there still water coming from the taps, just at a very low pressure?

This is important information for our technicians to know. If we need to get into a tight area or have limited space, we may need to alter the equipment that we bring for your service.

Before we come out to your home, we may ask you some troubleshooting questions. These are very simple fixes that could save you the cost of the service if they are the root of your problem.

Check your breaker – Sometimes your pump issues can be cause by as simple a problem as a blown breaker. Whether it was caused by a power surge or an outage, it is always an important fist place to check.

Low-level switch on your pressure tank – If overall pressure is your problem, be sure to check the low-level switch. This controls how your tank holds pressure and can be a simple fix. Check out this instructional video on how to be sure that your is working correctly!

If you require service on your well pump, please fill out the form below. Use the above sections to properly answer the questions so we can help as soon as possible. Please include any photos or videos that may be relevant!

Well Pump Service Request
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